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  • SPOTTED! Two of our hotel design projects

    So Proud. Two of our hotel design projects spotted at the new VENUEZ magazine. VENUEZ – modern hospitality journal – ed feb/mar/apr 2020 -STAY & LIT D’ART at Antwerp BE design by DETAIL Int architects. ProjectA-stay Antwerp BE Project Lit d’Art Antwerp BE


    We wish you a pleasant weekend. Go check our latest hospitality realisation. BEAUFORT is OPEN. Project Bistro Beaufort NL

  • Expierence is key

    What we touch while shopping affects what we buy. In a Proctor & Gamble study, found that customers who were able to feel merchandise were willing to pay more than those who hadn’t. This phenomenon is called“The Endowment Effect.” Basically, we make an emotional connection with what we touch. Will this change in the future…

  • Welcome to our new boutique hotel

    At Lit d’Art, you can stay in a luxurious suite enveloped in a tasteful Art Nouveau façade. Stylish unique suites It’s an Art to slow down, relax, get inspired and feel refilled. Experience staying at Lit d’Art, a stylish boutique hotel in the Antwerp district of Het Zuid. You will find peace and inspiration here…

  • Our New Office Unveiled

    We have moved! Bye Bye. Hasta La Vista. Ciao Ciao. Consider it done. Ohh what a day. The old space is empty. Thank You. Our new workspace & design studio is under construction and almost finished. Soon more. Departure performed exquisite As collected deficient objection by it discovery sincerity curiosity. Quiet decay who round three…

  • The next office workforce evolution

    Workero / Interoffice design on different locations Together, let’s create work happiness. We’re happy with the result   Connecting space & knowledge Project Workero / Interoffice different locations BENELUX

  • Yearbook interior achitecture 2016

    Proud to announce that the AINB-yearbook highlights Balls&Glory Leuven & Cezar shoestore.